What Happened to My Baby? {Life}

It has suddenly {finally} dawned on me that my baby is not really a baby any more. It's exciting to hear him talk up a storm, and tell me what he wants and needs. He loves feeding the dog, all by himself. It's slightly annoying to hear him tell me "no" and insist on buckling his car seat like his big brother. But really it's amazing to see him grow. 

All of the sudden, bedtime was turning into a nightmare. Our little guy was refusing to sleep. He's stopped napping {just in time for school to start-womp wah!} and all of the sudden was completely fighting me about going into his crib. And then having a bloody-murder scream fest once he was in his crib. {awesome!}

Two children in, I've realized I don't always have the fight. {Pick Your Battles?!} As much as I'd love him to just do whatever I'd like...it's just not always possible. He's growing up. So when it dawned on me that his screams were because he was flipping about being in his crib, I pulled him out of bed, and then pulled his mattress out of the crib and tossed it floor...removing the mattress has completely turned things around. He loves sleeping in his big boy bed! No crying! No screaming! And his big brother loves tucking him in, it's adorable. 

Now we're dealing with early wake ups...oh well. 

I am working on tons of projects and have a bunch to share, so stay tuned! 

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