Shoes, shoes + more shoes {organization}

It's always amazing to me that the perfect storage in one house is a complete flop in a different house. 

One example of this is my closet storage. In my last house, we added additional external storage. In this house, we have PLENTY of space, but it seems awkward and like it needs a little something {maybe extra shelving?}

Right before school started, my children figured out that the best activity ever, was playing in my shoes. I was finding shoes all over the place. They were taking over my closet. Meanwhile, I probably have gotten rid of a few pairs of shoes, and well maybe picked up a few pairs....but I have about the same amount, but the storage I had been using just wasn't working in this house. So I decided to try plastic shoe boxes. I figure if it's a total flop, I can reuse them for something else. 
So far, everything seems to be staying in place! The boys have stopped playing in my shoes!

My heels are all on an upper shelf still. I think at some point, I need to come to terms with the fact that I haven't worn high heels in about 5 years and get rid of some, OR I need to add some additional shelves instead of keeping the shoe rack up there. We'll see. 

I also did a quick project that I'd seen on Pinterest. I cut pool noodles earlier this summer to stick inside my boots to keep them standing upright in the closet! So easy + makes a huge difference! 

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