bathroom update {the loooong road, getting things done}

I figure it's only fair to share about my new bathroom if I make sure to keep it real...this project took a REALLY long time. It could have taken much less time, but alas, children aren't always the best "helpers"...I waited what seemed like forever for the vessel sink to arrive, and once that was here everything else was done, my husband saved the day and did all of the plumbing. My son was scared to use the bathroom with no working sink and plastic sheeting covering everything but the toilet...again, this thing was in disarray for waaaay too long.

But rather than whine and complain about it, I'll just show you some pictures:

Here is what I was starting with: (well except that these are the prior owner's things, but you get the idea)
(the toilet REALLY is in there, see it?)

I started by (blindly painting the bottom half of the wall white. I pulled out the existing trim & then added new baseboards PLUS the new board & batten:

The sink served as an excellent storage vessel: 

Once all of the board & batten was installed, I needed to remove the existing sink. It was a task I dreaded, so after waiting hoping magically it would disappear (it didn't) I took it out myself! I had to use a screw head (from a set with a removable head) and a set of pliers. Holy cow, hard work, probably the hardest thing in this entire bathroom. Who knew 4" awkwardly installed screws would be such a pain!?

I constructed the farmhouse vanity with some help from my hubby...his awesome math skills also came in handy trying to figure out the perfect spacing for the shelf! 
Picking the paint/color scheme was also a project: 
I considered painting the vanity green. 

Yes, I actually did pick up a million paint chips, no I did not do anything crafty with them! 
I stained the vanity (and parts of my legs & hands) using Minwax Grey Stain. I found it really important to stir the stain well (I did not the 1st coat) I reused the same $1 chip brush without covering it all 3 coats...

Our garage got out of control during this project. Baaaad.
My hubs cleaned it once the bathroom was finished, that's how bad it was....

While the stain was getting situated outside, the paint went up inside: 

 I also started shopping for accessories, most went unused and back to the store!

Here is a slighty better iPhone photo of the vanity:

And here is the final product:

 I still need some kind of wall art, I'm considering installing shelving above the toilet (which is almost invisible in all of these pictures, I swear it really is a bathroom!) I also want to hang up some kind of towel hook, but I'm not certain where...

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