bathroom update {breakdown}

Here is the breakdown of what I did, where I bought it, and what I paid for it: 

Board & Batten: There are a million tutorials floating around about how to do this. I referenced a few, I only nailed in my boards, just in case I decide to take them down some day. It is SUPER easy. I decided to replace my baseboard trim with 1x6" mdf so the boards would all smoothly go together. Some people just miter the ends at an angle and but them up to the existing trim. I found it was helpful to use the old trim to cut the new trim. It is amazing what a little (or a lot) of caulk will do. TOTALLY changes the look.

Vanity: After doing lots of research and searching around the Internet, I ultimately decided to alter Ana-White's Farmhouse plans to fit perfectly in the space. I could have made it a wider, but it's pretty bulky, I didn't want the space to feel smaller than it already IS. This took maybe an afternoon with some assistance from my hubby to construct....we did buy a Kreg Jig {to build strong joints AND hide the screws} for this project, and I love this thing so much that I can't wait to build something else! It was so easy to use and LOOK AT THE FINISHED PROJECT! {This did set us back 140 beans, but I think this Kreg jig will be an investment in the end...I can't wait to see what I build with it!}

I also did a lot of research about counter tops. I ultimately decided I didn't want to pay a fortune, and even though this counter was small, most of it would be covered by the vessel sink and I just could not justify paying $400 (no joke) that the local stone yard quoted me...I thought about trying my hand at tiling, but that was going to cost a good amount of money too. I ultimately settled on the wood for I think $ joke. I think it looks great. I did stain it and cover it with some poly...and I think the booboos over time are only going to add character!

My husband really loved the Minwax gray stain (I had to buy it at Home Depot.) I wanted to paint it a color (bright yellow?) but in the end, I decided it IS his house too, so I went with the gray stain. I'd never stained anything before, I learned the important lesson to really stir it well and to only stain in a very well ventilated area--holy stink! I finished it with a few coats of polyurethane spray.

Sink: I picked the rectangular vessel sink from Amazon. It was a decent price, I wanted something "farmhouse-ish" but not round (I don't know why!) I did run into a mistake because I purchased the "recommended mounting ring" from Amazon, but since it's a rectangular sink I didn't need the mounting ring...but DID need a drain....and at that point I didn't want to spend much I found a simple drain from Lowes that worked perfectly that was about $20-30. I did NOT want a stopper because I'm realistic that A) they cost more and B) I have boys and don't want to risk an overflow situation. It works perfectly.

Paint: The top portion was painted with Valspar's La Fonda Jalapeno. I love saying it. La Fonda Jalapeno. La Fonda Japaleno. The bottom was painted with a crisp white, left over from the previous owners, labeled, trim paint. (Free works for me!)

Hardware: I decided I wanted this bathroom to have all oil rubbed bronze finishes. I purchased the awesome faucet from Amazon. Although it was the cheapest faucet I could find, it was solid metal and in my opinion appears to be great quality. I'll let you know if I have any issues. I also updated the toilet with a matching toilet lever. No I didn't need to do this, but I hated that all the finishes were different before! I installed it myself, with some guidance from my hubby, who sweetly wanted to only help when I asked because he knows I like saying I did everything myself. {thanks honey!}

Mirror: (for now) is an old antique that my mom had in her basement a million years ago, I never even hung it up prior, so I'm glad it has a nice new prominent life. I might decide to paint it at some point, but right now I'm loving the honey colored antique-ness.

When I decided to update this bathroom, I'd been wanting an air compressor and a nail gun for a while (yes, I did ask for one for Christmas, but ended up with a fancy sewing machine instead, so I'm not complaining.) So for Father's Day, my husband decided to buy me one. Lucky me.

I was in the midst of making this project when my husband brought this home, so although I am really scared of it, I mastered the nail gun. It made it so easy to add my boards...

Faucet-Amazon: $59.99
Vessel Sink-Amazon: $79.95
Drain-Lowes: $20 or $30
Toilet Lever-Amazon: $13.16
MDF & Wood (Vanity Base & Board & Batten)-Lowes: $115 
Paint-Lowes: $15.24
Stain & Wood for Vanity Top-Home Depot: $23
Screws (Kreg)-Lowes: $3.58
Caulk Keeper Caps for the open tube of caulk (GENIUS!)-Lowes: $1.78
TOTAL: $341.70
*The Kreg Jig was $140 at Lowes and the Air Compressor & Nail Gun were about $200, but we'll just look at those as DIY investments for now.... 

I did buy a new garbage can, it's huge and beat up looking it, but I do love it, $20 from TJMaxx, as well as some hand towels $5 and soap $5. I'm pretty sure I looked at buying vanities that cost more than this entire project...

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