Entryway Console Table {DIY}

I've been working on this project since seeing an awesome console on Pinterest. I'd been wanting to put something in the little nook by our front door since we moved in...this table is perfect:

The plans I used from sawdustgirl.com were really awesome. I did make my table base only about 12" wide. I also made the top differently; cutting the staggered scraps of 2x4 and 2x6" wood at a 45 degree angle, and using 1x2" around as trim.

Here is a better picture of the top. The top was definitely the most challenging parts of the project because I was using up scraps from our wood pile. It went together really easily until ONE piece of 2x6 was a little wide and caused the rest of the table not to line up. I ended up having to taking the top of the table apart and then join two pieces together (see in the top row, 3rd from the left!!) I used a mixture of kreg drill + screws, and nail gun, nailing the tips of the boards together. 

The stain color is Kona. I'll have to dig out pictures from the original stain--vinegar and steel wool. It looks like it had been attacked by a pumpkin. 

And here is the table decorated for Halloween: 

Oh, and while I'm at it, here's the flowers decorated for fall/Halloween: 

I previously shared my fall wreath. Here is the wreath decorated for Halloween: 

Just a lone spooky skeleton: 

Now we are ALL ready for Halloween. I mean, except for Halloween costumes! 
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