Fall {DIY Wreath}

So it's not really feeling like fall. I swear I keep hearing the weather is going to cool off, and then it's 90+ degrees. I'm sweating. I'm not wearing fuzzy sweaters or jeans or cozy hats. It's seriously hot. It does NOT feel like fall.

Since it doesn't feel like fall, I'm not really feeling like decorating for fall. If I wait for the weather to catch up, I have a feeling like I'm going to completely miss fall all together.

I recently saw a cute wreath on Pinterest and I decided to recreate that wreath. {After some detective work, I determined the original wreath can be found here} and if you are looking for some awesome ideas for fall wreaths check here.

I think all together it cost about $5 to make this wreath because I had most of the materials already. The original wreath is actually very old. I've had it a few years, and it has already served as a St. Patrick's Day wreath and a standard wreath at our old house. The bow is a jute/burlap ribbon that is all over the place. The mini fake apples are from Hobby Lobby with a coupon, $3, I had extras, too, and the red berries are fake and on sale for $1-2 ish. The bow was already on the wreath.

To make your own: 

•Pick your font for the "welcome" lettering. I used Janda Stylish Script as my guide. I free handed one letter onto each apple using pencil just looking at the letters on the computer screen. Covering the pencil template with permanent marker.

•Twist the red berries into the vine wreath. Spread out the berries. Twist some of the vines with the berry stem, just to make sure they're blended.

•Hot glue the apples to the wreath. Making sure each wreath is attached securely.

•(Optional) add a big bow. Mine was already on the wreath, I honestly considered taking it off, but it seemed like it might be a pain to take off...

It's a start. And it seriously took about 30 minutes to make this wreath. The hardest part was hanging it on the "speak easy" door.

Here is the original beautiful wreath from Your Cozy Home, amazing! She seems to have a few blank apples and some orange leaves, too. So maybe I'll add a little once it actually feels like fall?!

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