Sewing Room {Organization}

I'm extremely lucky to have a designated sewing/craft area. In general, I'm very messy when it comes to crafts because I hate to clean as I go. Any organization in my sewing room was the way I unpacked the boxes when we moved into the house last May...and things needed some changing.

When I decided to start fresh, the room basically looked like this. {For full disclosure, at this point I had already started to move things around and start stacking and rearranging...}

One thing that I think always needs attention when you work on a room is wires. In general: I HATE WIRES. 

When I started organizing and cleaning in here, the first thing I did was start in a corner, and find a container that would fit everything. This corner happens to be the home of all the wires that come into our house for a modem/router. My sweet friend had given make a gift in this fun it is the home of all our wires/router and modem!

I love those tiny little electrical zip ties.

I also love shoe organizers. Particularly clear ones {from Walmart} like this:

They aren't just for shoes! I also have a shoe organizer in my pantry, in my son's room and in my hall closet!

I picked up some plastic bins {at Dollar Tree} and created a mailing station for when I send out packages. I hate not having what I need when I need it. Now everything is all together. I love being able to print mailing labels on the Postal Service website, because I hate waiting in long lines at the post office with two children!

I also picked up two additional three-drawer plastic rolling carts. Now all my yarn + knitting supplies have a home...when I'm organizing I like to find a home for all "like" items. So all of my twine is on the top of the hanging shoe organizer, all of the shipping supplies are in the red stacking bins. All of the interfacing and odd sewing items are in the rolling cart on the bottom right. The only thing you cannot see in this picture is that I added labels. Because I hate searching for things. Labels are perfect little reminders of what "like" items are need for searching!

Here are the bins with labels. I also keep baby gifts on hand in plastic bins. I try to keep these very accessible so that I actually give away these items!!

This desk was my Dad's as a child. I now store a paper cutter and cutting supplies here. {My old Silhouette machine is also living in that box on the ground, if you know anyone looking for a used Silhouette machine?!}

The black plastic bin is items I plan on selling at a tag sale...or donating to charity if I never pull the tag sale together.

These black shelves are under $40 each at Target. They are NOT pieces of furniture that hold up well when moving. The one on the left actually separated in the middle and I may replace.

I store all of my fabric on these bins. Plus the craft items I like having easy access to.

I added an additional short shelf and moved the tv into the corner nearest my sewing machines. Now I can easily watch TV and sew. Win!

I keep needles, thread, cutting rules, etc all right there on the floating shelves for easy access while I sew.

And next time I'll show you the new sewing table that I made to fit under the all my sewing machines can live in one place!

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