Pantry Paint Stencil {DIY}

As I mentioned in the pantry reveal, I have to admit this painted stencil wall was a labor of love. While it was not difficult, it was also not the easiest of DIY projects...when my husband goes away I have a tendency to take on new projects {like last week when I built a sewing table, or like the time I painted stripes in my bathroom} but this project has potential to get started and never finished {consider yourself warned!}

Isn't it lovely hidden back there?! 

I started on a center shelf and worked my way from left to right. Once I got started I wanted to be done because I loved how it looked! 

{Yes, I love googone!}

But if you look closely, this is NOT wallpaper, it is not perfectly uniform. It is not even really stenciled like a traditional stencil. It is mainly free handed, or by tracing a pencil line. 

And the pencil lines aren't always covered. I realized that some of my trace marks were very visible. I ended up having to buy a real eraser because we had none in the house! 

After a quick once over with my Dyson handheld vacuum, {it's the best btw!} all of the eraser funk was off the wall and my pantry was ready to be reassembled.
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