What I'm Up To

As I mentioned yesterday, my days seem oddly all over the place. 

So here is a brief take on my day today:

I spent a large part of my day searching for a vacuum attachment that my little one had yesterday. It's still missing!

I cleaned. 

I put up pictures. 

I sewed. 

I made pizza dough with Callum. 

I vacuumed. 

We are still waiting for window coverings. I think they should arrive in about two more weeks! In the meantime, our neighbors are getting full view, except for the two bedrooms with "fort kit curtains." I'm amazed how long the suction cups have held!

I'm slowly hanging pictures that have been sitting in piles. Slow progress:

The laundry room is coming along:

As usual my desk is a mess, with huge piles. But today, I made three framed burlap pin boards for about $20. 

The three pin boards are $5 frames from Walmart. I spray painted them navy blue. Then I used 2 pieces of foam board from the Dollar Tree, trimmed down to fit the glass opening. I covered each piece with blue burlap from Hobby Lobby, spraying the foam core with spray adhesive to help hold it down. I fit the burlap covered foam core into the picture frame opening, using the existing closures to hold the pin board in. Easy!

I also feel like the boy's bathroom is just about done...and freshly cleaned!

I changed out the artwork of the boys manscaping. It used to be a pic of Callum holding Cole for the first time. 

I also drilled hangers onto this rickety old frame...I've had it a really long time and it is so beat up. I keep on using it though. In a previous life it was in our bathroom, now it's holding artwork in our hallway. 

I think I need to tighten the lowest string. Maybe tomorrow. 

Oh, and I washed my hair. And then dried and straightened it. It is an insane mop. I need a haircut! It took way too long. 

Sorry for the strange selfie. 

So that's what's happening in my house. 
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