Iloveyoumommy. Thankyoumommy.

{random thoughts for the day}

My little guy says some version of "thankyoumommy" or "iloveyoumommy" all day long. And I love it. He tasted ginger ale for the first time and wants to continually take sips although he puckers his face and looks disgusted every sip!

I set up my sewing machines last night. I was embroidering with one and sewing with another. The first time I've done that.  It was quite a little sweat shop. Now to finish the project I started!!

I ate leftover pot roast and mashed potatoes for breakfast. I really don't care for pot roast but love it simply because I love vegetables cooked in meat juice. Yum!

I am going through what feels like months of papers. Eek + yuck!

Yesterday I made a little chalk art:

I haven't used this ikea chalkboard in many years. After a thorough cleaning, I quickly sanded the edges, primed the chalkboard surface, created a document on the computer to use as a template, and created the little chalkboard sign. 

Now hopefully we can avoid wasting time searching for lost keys, wallets, sunglasses. 

In the red desk: batteries, a basic ikea tool kit, a mini screwdriver set, and Chapstick. 

Under the desk: a basket for shoes and a basket for dog items. 

The process of organizing our new home is well under way. Slow progress. I am very reluctant to hang anything, but need to get rid of this pile of pictures!

Today I'm going to vacuum. I started yesterday, but need to finish. 

The moving company picked up all of our unpacked boxes. It's amazing how much space that takes up!! We had been asking for pick up to happen for 2 weeks, but it wasn't happening. Thankfully, we've unpacked almost allll of the boxes by the time they came to get them!!

Okay, I think that's enough randomness for today. Must go do something!

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