Boy's 5th Birthday Gift {Sewing}

Not too long ago, one of my son's classmates celebrated his 5th birthday. Lots of stuff was going on at the time and so we celebrated his birthday with him at Krispy Kreme a little after his actual birthday {it was awesome!}

Mmmm. glazed deliciousness. Mmmm. {heaven?}

The children all received special hats, and were able to decorate their own donuts {check out that huge vat of chocolate + mardi gras colored sprinkles!} 

Needless to say, it was amazing... (in case you're ever expected to throw together a cool birthday party!)

 His Mom requested no gifts, something I completely understand and appreciate, but I hated to show up  empty handed. Especially when the birthday boy is just the sweetest kid!

I decided to pull together a quick + easy gift: a wallet!

I used a tutorial from Noodlehead. It was super easy. I didn't embellish this one, but given more time and less craziness in life, I may have.

Inside, I added a few bucks {I think $5+$1 for good luck} and a Target giftcard...perfect, right?!

What's your favorite quick {non-toy} children's birthday gift?

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