Greetings, Friends {Announcement}

So I fell off the planet again. Sorry.

We found out semi-suddenly, that my husband was going to be offered a promotion/position within his company at their headquarters...{wait for it} OKLAHOMA.

It happened suddenly. That was about 3 weeks ago now.

Things kicked into high gear.

The house has been on the market for a week now. I've cleaned every closet and made a bunch of trips to goodwill. It feels strangely good to be de-cluttered and depersonalized {some} it's really made me rethink the way I operate. Maybe less really IS more! I'll let you know after this next move.

In the middle of getting the house ready to put on the market, sorting through closets and tons of clothes, our heater broke in our old house that we've been renting out...which meant I had to drop everything and drive 3 hours to the house to literally sign 3 papers and wait for them to install a new heating unit. It stinks to have to spend that money, but at least we will have peace of mind when we move halfway across the country...and I will remind you: halfway closer to Hawaii. I will officially start angling for a trip {get ready for company, DeAnna!} as soon as the final box is unpacked in Oklahoma.

But, I digress.

The great thing about moving again {for the 7th time in 10 years} is that I'm finally getting all my sh*t together. And the house is SO clean. I mean, nothing like the prospect of moving and selling a house to reverse my "I'll do it tomorrow"attitude.

While I'll have to share more about my current insanity level, instead I'll show you about how I have been "productive" in, finishing the things I've already committed to:

My children's school {that I am so sad to be leaving} is having a Silent Auction in a few weeks. I decided to make two items to donate, and hopefully bring in some big money!

The first is a Fort Kit. I've made them before as gifts, and they are so great! I'm hoping it will be a big hit:

I think the coolest part are the sheets. I've added ties in the corners and the center so that it's easy to thread the rope makes making forts easy!

I also made a doll bed: 

I'm such a sucker for these things. Seriously ADORABLE. I used the Ana-White plans, making the headboard and foot board one panel shorter (so the bed isn't really wide.) I used foam core board beneath the mattress, and then made a mattress out of to layers of foam for baby crib bumpers, that I happened to have. I wrapped the mattress in a layer of white cotton, followed by a yellow fitted sheet...with elastic in the corners to the sheet stays on. The pillow is 6x9" with a pillowcase that's just a smidgen larger. The quilt was made using (9) 3"wide strips of fabric. I sewed the strips together, then trimmed the strips into 3" pieces. That made it really quick + easy! I cut the first strip and then sewed all of the strips together to create a loop, then cut the loop apart into 3" sections. (The finished quilt was 7 strips wide.) Using my first strip as a guide, I trimmed the rest of the loops down one block, to create the pattern. I used basting spray instead of pinning this mini-quilt together. I quilted it with loopy swirls.

I made the mini pillow using leftover strips (2 strips wide by 8 long, sewn together in half right sides together, stuffed, and sewn around the edges!) Seriously, a 10 minute mini pillow!

The cuteness of these doll beds just kills me. So freaking cute!

And of course my helper, was pretty psyched about the doll bed too:

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