Playing Catch Up: The Loopy Lovie {sewing}

My little guy is going to be two this May, but two things I know he's not easily going to part with are his pappy {pacifier} and his lovey...the original lovey is I think a hand-me-down from baby gifts my firstborn was given...and my little guy LOVES his lovey...but particularly the corners of the lovey that have little satin loops.

While I was cleaning my house, I came across a lovey I had made a long, long time ago, but had never given to either of my kids. I decided to cut it apart and start fresh. I had already personalized it with a "C" and trimmed it down to make it a 12" square.

After going through my ribbon collection, I had a substantial pile of 4" sections...perfect for this lovey.

This was a really simple project and thankfully, my little guy loves it enough that I catch him with multiple ribbons around his fingers....and enough that he'll even let me wash his #1 lovey and use this one instead. {SCORE!}

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