Learning to Crochet {DIY-sort of}

I have been wanting to learn to crochet for a while now. I had learned to knit in college, and along the way I actually think I've gotten fairly proficient as a knitter. Some people might find it relaxing, but I find knitting to be a personal challange to go progressively faster throughout the project. {Not relaxing at all....might possibly be one of the few things I'm competative about?!} I digress. I'd been wanting to crochet, somehow I ended up with a bunch of granny sqaures that my sister in law's grandmother had made years ago {As in the bag had a Caldor (Sp?) receipt from the early 80s!} I'd promised I would finish it for her new baby, who thankfully ended up being a boy, and is 4 months old now. I don't think her family is expecting any new babys soon, but I feel bad holding this afghan (parts) hostage.

I used an online tutorial by CraftyMinx called "Crochet School" that was really easy to follow and keep up with. As with all things, I think practice makes perfect, but I learned so much: this is seriously a CLASS on crochet.

If you are thinking about learning to crochet, I'd definitely check out it out. Seriously it's fantastic!

I can't wait to show you my progress...
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