Holiday Recap & Handmade Gift Preview {yoga bag}

As I had mentioned yesterday, my family took advantage of Christmas & New Years falling on Tuesdays allowing my hubs to take off three days vacation and actually have almost 2 weeks off. {What a gift to have him home with us!}

We began the vacation with a trip to New York to visit my parents. One of the highlights was an amazing Christmas day hike (complete with fresh snow) at a nearby park. It was very cold, but a fun activity. 

Here are my parents: 

And my big guy running through the snow:

A rare photo of me (with the baby & my parents):

My eldest hitching a ride from Daddy:

Mason dog's hunting heritage came out, he loved running around (and I loved seeing him so happy!)

It was an amazing day:

The day after Christmas we headed back home...only to be get caught in PA in a huge snowstorm. We ended up stopping after 7 hours in the car (it should have taken us that long to get all the way home) and stayed the night in a hotel, finishing the 3 hours home the following day. We were very happy to be home, and quickly prepared for my husband's parents to arrive. They brought their (10 month old?) puppy Bracey, who enjoyed her first encounter with snow!

Here she is peaking in from our porch as we unwrapped Christmas gifts (late):

I think it might have snowed the entire time my in-laws were here.

Bracey cracked me up with her penchant for the largest sticks...hehe.

Here's my big guy trekking through the snow:

After my in-laws departed, we decided we were a little stir crazy, but it was still snowing, so we decided to check some items off the to do husband worked out, I rearranged & cleaned the basement.

Overall it was a great "vacation" although I prefer my vacations to involve sand, books, & hot weather, I'd safely say this was a good time too...

Before Christmas, I was asked by an old friend to prepare a Christmas present for her, a pink personalized yoga bag. This is what I came up with:

 I felt like this fabric was pink without being juvinile.

Here is the monogram:

Sorry for the awesome iPhone picture...

Seriously cute, right?!

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