Lead up to the holidays {Christmas Stockings}

Towards the end of 2012, I ended up being comissioned to create quite a few items. Having hosted Thanksgiving this year, I had moved what seemed like half of the contents of my sewing room BACK from the dining room and into the sewing room again. Without fail, I managed to make a HUGE mess of my sewing room between Thanksgiving & Christmas...{#firstworldproblem} 

Truthfully, it was worth it. And it cleaned up relatively quickly. {But I never took an after photo.}

I had pinned this stocking pattern numerous times. Every time I saw it on my Pinterest feed, I knew I had to have these stockings. I finally ordered the Thimble Blossoms Patterns (you can download the PDF directly) and ordered a variety of fabrics on Black Friday {Merry Christmas to ME!}

I started by making the pinwheel pattern for myself. Sorry for the awesome iPhone pictures. 

I decided to make Callum a zig zag stocking, and Cole I just tweeked the pattern a little to create a herringbone pattern (using the same size triangles as the zig zag pattern.) 

Once I finished the first three, I lost steam. I thought my husband would have to wait a year to get a stocking, and then divine intervention happened, and bam, he had this stocking:

My Mother-in-Law suggested this pattern (I believe she called it a St. Louis Star?) I think it was the easiest of all of the stockings and the quickest to go together.

And here are the stockings on the Christmas stocking holders I made last year (and honestly, I probably never shared the pictures of them!) I am thinking I might repaint them next year and take down the glittery letters and put up individual pictures instead?

I'm pleased with how the new stockings turned out. I wish I had taken better pictures before putting them away this year...

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