Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday. I've been a little behind the curve with writing updates because it's been so busy.

Here is our holiday card for 2012:

I created this card using my iMac, but in the program Pages (the Mac version of Word) which I prefer over Photoshop. After creating the file and saving it as a document, I generally save the file directly from Pages (on the Print Screen) as a PDF, and then reopen THAT PDF file in Preview (similar to Adobe but for Macs) and then RE-save that file as a JPEG. You follow? While it takes a few extra steps to save the file as a photo file, I think it's well worth it. I love customizing my Christmas Cards, and for the past few years used Overnight Prints to create standard postcards instead of a true card. This year it did take a little longer then usual, but for some reason they seemed really swamped with orders...I guess next year I'll have to place my order a little sooner (by Black Friday. Yikes!)

While we start 2013, I wish all good things for you & your family. I hope to have lots of new things to come...which I will certainly be sharing here.
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