family tree {diy} + How to convert a document into a JPEG {tutorial}

One last item that I made for our families for Christmas was a personalized family tree for both sets of parents. I decided to use a template from Martha Stewart's website:

I downloaded the template and opened a new document on the Mac version of "Word" called "Pages." I decided I was going to print this on a large scale so I made my canvas 11x14" and then started the tedious process of making the text boxes and adding text. I printed my final saved version at Sam's Club for probably $3 each. I framed each tree as well (with a Walmart frame for maybe $5.) This was an extremely cost effective project. Once we are sure both families are done with babies, we can always update the text again and maybe someday we will print it on a canvas.

Here is one of the finished digital copies:
{I was pretty certain that I would end up making mistakes, mispellings, or some error, so I was glad to not have invested a huge amount into this project. Sure enough, we discovered I had left one extra person from my husband's family on my family's copy...oops. Some day I'll fix it and reprint it, in the meantime, it's hanging up at my mom's house...}

How to convert a Document into a JPEG: 

I use this technique frequently because I feel most comfortable using a word processing program instead of photoshop (which I do own...)

Once I save the document, I open the print option, instead of selecting PRINT, on the bottom left corner I select PDF, and save the file as a PDF.

Then open the FINDER and open the PDF I just saved using the program PREVIEW (not Adobe!!) once in Preview, go to the file menu, select SAVE AS, and choose save as a JPEG. It's that easy. It takes a tiny bit longer, but I think I probably save a ton of time using the word processing software instead of trying to figure out photoshop. Or if you don't have photoshop...
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