EASY DIY driftwood necklace holder

 I have been having a little issue...a while back, I lit a Yankee Candle on top of my jewelry box (it had a glass top.) As you can probably guess, the candle got too hot, shattered the glass on the jewelry box. SO, all of my necklaces {I don't really have many} have been neatly lined up on my dresser, collecting dust. Taking up space. Being a pain in my butt. Not that I dust often...but now I was dusting around the necklaces, leaving an awesome dust line. They really didn't belong in a jewelry box like the one that I had anyway...some necklaces even ended up knotted over the last 5+ years living in the jewelry box...booo!

To make this necklace holder {PS: the FIRST thing I've hung up in the master bedroom in this house} it took less than 10 minutes, with stuff from around the house.

The driftwood came from an old silt fence that was outside at the house we rented a few years ago (and I have an issue with saving crap!)

I used a pencil to mark off 2" spaces. Nailed 1.5" nails at a slight angle at the markings, making sure not to go all the way through the back, and tied a piece of jute twine to hold up the "driftwood."

My husband gave the kids a bath, and by the time they were finished all of these necklaces were FINALLY off my dresser! Woohoo! Small victories. Right?!
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