First Day of School {Pictures}

My guys started school this week...

A few minutes before we left the house, I snapped a few pictures of them, with this idea in mind:

{I definitely saw this idea elsewhere, but I can't remember where...sorry, and thank you to the genius who came up with this} but the basic gist was take an off-center picture, use photo editing to add pertinent data, and wa-la, a perfect, super easy back to school photo.

I generally add captions to pictures using my iMac & the app Picture Collage Maker Lite {with my iPhone I use InstaPicFrame}but I suppose PicMonkey or Photoshop would also do the trick.

This font is the Lite version of American Typewriter {my favorite font.}

There you have it. Happy Back to School!!

**My children go to a pre-school that the parents all stay in a central area, in the same building as the classrooms. It seems to make the transition easier for the little ones who know Mommy is "there" just not in the same room. We take our little ones to the potty, or can come take care of them if they are having a melt it's a smooth transition. I have also met some other wonderful people, and learned some good information {speakers usually come, otherwise we just socialize...}

So as much as I wish I had TWO child-free hours, alas, I do not...but I can only imagine all of the things I'd do if I did...

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