Life's Blessings...

This past weekend my family hopped into the car for one last summer trip...we've already put about 1500 miles on our new Prius, but this time we could barely complain about being tired because of the stress and excitement of welcoming a new member to the family. 

You see this guy was going to become a big brother: 

My little guys were welcome distraction from his Mom's being away. My sister in law Lauren was induced on Sunday, but the families (her Mom, my parents) all rushed to her house Friday because Wednesday she found out she was going to be induced...yowzer! Talk about excitement.

Before heading to the hospital Sunday, we visited their neighborhood playground. It was so nice and wonderfully maintained. The guys had lots of fun.

Except it was hot as can be. So we were hot & sweaty. (My sister in law is a really good sport and didn't complain once about the heat!)

We also went on a nice long walk (with my family, my brother, nephew & parents) while Lauren was getting her nails done one last time before giving birth. Here are a few shots that I liked:

And here's the belly, I love this, because it makes me think of a turkey timer popping...she was ready! It's hard to believe 24 hours later (or less) this belly was empty!

And unfortunately our post-walk pictures are slightly out of focus :( but here are my big brother & his family...before becoming a family of 4...the shrubs behind them look great. Oh well.

Lauren picked up matching pajamas for the boys...we learned that wrangling these 3 is harder than wrangling cats. Holy cow. Each pictures is funnier than the next...unfortunately there are very few that turned out well. We tried.

On the big day, my brother and Lauren headed off to the hospital very, very early...we were waiting with great anticipation for news. The little guy's stomach had been measuring small, so we were a little extra concerned. 

Thankfully, very shortly after a very rushed, but seriously "toned" phone call from my brother, the grandmothers rushed to the hospital, and minutes later we received word: 

He was here. 5 pounds, 10 ounces. 19". And delightfully adorable. William. But he'll go by Will (for now?)

Isn't it amazing how love just grows?!
{I think this was taken by Lauren's dad, but I had to share because isn't he just amazing?! I think he's two days old here!}
Here are the brothers meeting for the first time. So precious.

And here I am. Loving on Will. I do exist! Thankfully, someone snapped a picture of me loving on this new little man!

Will is the tiniest little thing. It's so hard to capture his tininess. But he's just absolute perfection, in it's tiniest form. {Babies are smaller than this?!}

And here is the new family of four.

Some kisses. {Loved that big brother had to make contact!}

I loved seeing my brother's hand and my nephew's hand...holding this little bundle. So cute!

Look at that big brother. Can you see the love?

Here are my parents with their 4th grandson. Seriously, we need to pull it together and get a girl eventually, right?!

Excuse my awesome hair. He is just so tiny. Clearly, I'm in love.

And here's my son, it's a safe bet he's in love too. He was so proud to hold Will.

I can't wait to see this little guy grow up, and see all four boys play together.

Isn't it amazing how love just grows. It change, there is just more of it? New babies, one of life's greatest blessings.
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  1. Dani,
    This post brought tears to my eyes!!! I can totally feel the love of your family in all of these gorgeous pictures!!! What a blessing!!! Congrats all over again to your brother, the family, and to YOU for becoming an Auntie all over again!!! Much love to you, my friend! MISS YOU SO MUCH!!


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