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So apparently with the change of season, I've been a busy lady.

This back to school business has taken us out of the house little more than we are used to. I somehow feel like we are just staying afloat with the housework, and let me just tell you, my carpets are just too light to be ignored!

My sewing machine {the Pfaff Creative Vision from last Christmas} finally was taken into the shop for some much needed maintenance. I had an issue with the thread breaking during embroidery & free motion quilting, plus a few little questions. The closest Pfaff dealer happens to be about an hour and a half away...which by the way, the place could be an episode of Pfaff hoarders, there are that many machines stuffed into this shop. Anyway, they had my machine from back when we went on vacation. After we returned I received a worrisome call saying that my machine was acting really funny and had me seriously worried, did the motherboard go bad? (Cha-Ching!) After a weekend of thinking about it I realized I had tried to recreate the thread breaking while I was free motion quilting, it ended up I hadn't switched it back to a traditional stitching mode, and the tech didn't think to check that...so nothing major was wrong at all. Crisis averted. My machine finally came home about 2-3 weeks ago. I didn't realize how much I missed it. I swear I've done more embroidery in the last 2-3 weeks than the entire 9 months I've owned the machine! It's actually been amazingly nice. I've learned a lot, through trial & error... and am definitely feeling more confident with my sewing and using the embroidery part of the machine.

We have also been trying to rent our other house. It's been keeping me up at night. But I am a believer in "the God Rule" {some things are just out of your hands, and will happen as they are supposed to} and maybe the right family that needs that house just hasn't come along yet, but hopefully they will be coming VERY soon.

I've started a few projects and have an announcement I'm going to make here very soon.

In the mean time I figured I'd show you a little of what we've been up to, aside from slacking and not writing blogs:
{Taken today, I do exist! Thanks to my husband for taking this!}

{Getting some love from my littlest guy}
{My boys}
Here are a few recent pictures...taken at Cooper's Rock State Park. I love that place. 

{the Morgantown airport is over towards the right of that picture, I bet in the last week these leaves have started to change!}

{the coolest roots}

{a very rare family picture}

{I loved the texture of this gigantic rock}

{This state park also has a great playground}

And here has the project of priority these days:
 My husband decided to take the stones in our yard and use them to make a fire pit, that idea morphed into a full out patio, but soon after ripping out the grass and tons of stone from the woods behind our house, he determined that it was too much work, and he wasn't qualified to do it...so the patio morphed back into a fire pit. Then it was determined the fire pit needed to be lined with special fire brick otherwise the stone from our yard might explode...so here we are. It's looked like this for months and my husband finally has it pretty much finished. It's been a LOT of work. Once it's done {and the other house is rented} I'll get to finish some interior projects I've had in mind. {I also wanted to say I was able to help him lay the bricks, it was an oddly gratifying, but difficult, job. We were able to get it done pretty quickly, and I think we did do an okay job.}

So that's what we've been up to. I need to go finish some projects to share with you here soon...but in the meantime, I hope you are all enjoying the fall!

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