Keeping Kids Happy {Fort Kit & a dog bowl}

I've seen this idea around Pinterest for a while...and made a Fort Kit for my nephew earlier this summer...I personally despise when my sofa cushions & blankets turn into "forts"...I am no fun. 

A friend reached out after seeing my previous post and asked if I could make her one...ask and you shall receive (isn't that how the saying goes?) Hopefully this will save her some headaches...
The kit includes two bed sheets with special ties, attachment devices: suction cups, and two kinds of clothes pins, lighting: two flashlights, and rope. I stuff everything into a t-shirt bag...easy!

I also thought it would only be fair to share the reality of getting anything done with young children...Part of the tent kit includes adding ties to the sheets so you can use clothes pins or rope to drape sheets (and save your blankets!) while I was sewing the ties on the sheets--all hell was breaking loose. Rule #1 for Crafting with Children: only craft without your children around--in other words: during nap time. #CraftingFail?
The baby LOVES the dog's this picture water is splashed up the walls (notice the drips) it is ALLLL over the floor and the rug AND the baby...who is crying because I took away the water bowl after he splashed half of the water out. At least it was only water?
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