My Favorite Things {July 2012}

It just dawned on my that July is almost's almost time for school to start {seriously?!}

In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy summer...the heat...the air conditioning...the heat...

I had a free photo coupon from shutterfly and started looking back at some recently uploaded pictures...lots of pictures of projects I had going on, almost NO pictures of my children, family, dog even...I think have to go back to my old rule "take one picture every day."

I figured I should share the things that excited me this month:

We discovered that there is a Trader Joe's that is only 1 1/2 hours away. I am way too excited about this, I think TJ's might be slightly over rated, but I still LOVE IT! I hate that I don't have one a few minutes/short drive away. I did try the cookie butter, you should too. I can't wait to make a trip back!

I also figured out that I hate spackling, but I LOVE spackling when I use an old credit card (really a room key from a hotel works the best because it's skinny!) It makes it much easier (for me) because it's not very bulky, it's easy to clean...I swear I should market this-maybe I'd become a millionaire!

In working on the laundry room update, I also decided it was a good time to clean out our dryer's one of those funny things that I get strange satisfaction's hard to believe how much gunk gets stuck in the vent...we purchased the lint eater last winter when we were having a dryer issue and burned out the motor on our ended up being the vent was so clogged air almost couldn't get out. Talk about a huge fire hazard! So, we are trying to be better about cleaning out our vent, you should was worth every penny to buy the lint eater (I'm sure it would have cost more to have had someone come out and do it for us!)

I am also loving my baby's toes. I can't believe how big he is getting and how much he has changed. He's into everything. It's exhausting. But he refuses to walk, so his feet are still soft and's only a matter of time...and every time we try to make him stand up, ha, he sits down. Go figure.

So these are my favorite things. Any suggestions of things I should check out?
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