Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

So as I'm sure you already know, it's been a little busy around here. I've been MIA {again} and super crafty {yay} and had total ADD {gah!} but Christmas is finally here. I'm enjoying spending time with family.

My in-laws are here to celebrate Christmas with us and we're enjoying catching up and eating lots and lots of delicious food. We are awaiting Santa's arrival, although our little one says NO every time we ask him if Santa is going to come. He's never sat on Santa's lap, and actually RAN away crying when Santa waved hi to him at the mall the other day...oh well, maybe next year...

In the meantime, Merry Christmas to you & your family.

I send out a post card each year. I used to do shutterfly cards, but for some reason {I think the cost of postage} I switched to post cards. It's easy. It's much cheaper...and it's cute.

I used Photoshop to make my card this year. I'm very novice and insecure about my photoshop abilities, but ended up seeing that the genius photographer Rebecca Cooper from Simple Things provided templates {here and here} to make photo cards using Photoshop. I ended up using her 2010 templates, but I changed some of the colors & fonts because her templates were very bright and my photos were very dull colored. I think it worked out and I'm so glad the Rebecca shared these awesome templates. {PS her blog has awesome info about photography & she just moved back to Canada after living in the Carribbean with her family~I can NOT imagine!}

Once the image was finished, I uploaded it to Overnight Prints and received it very quickly (not overnight) for about $30 for 100 cards AND shipping. I don't mail out 100 cards, but even so, it's much less to buy 100 cards and not use all of them. The postage is $0.29 each. So there you have it--a cost effective answer to Christmas cards: Christmas postcards.
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