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So, it seems like my most recent theme on this blog has been being MIA and then followed up with an apology about where I've been and what I've been up to. I think about blogging all the time, but lately time has gotten the best of me...and I'm not finding much of it to share updates here. But believe me, I have so much to tell you!

Happy New Year, by the way...{I'm ashamed it's been THAT long!}

First off, over Christmas, my husband went WAYYYY overboard. {Have I mentioned how amazing he is?!} He'd been plotting on getting me a new embroidery sewing machine. Did I need a new sewing machine? No. But did I want one? Yep. So after hemming and hawing and going back and forth. Deciding to bite the bullet, then changing my mind. Talking to THE NICEST Pfaff dealers in ALL of the land (PS if you want to sew and live around Colorado Springs, go to Sprinkles Sewing Centers, if you live in the Pittsburgh area go to the Thornton Company. They definitely know their stuff and are just amazingly nice.) In the end I did a sewing machine buyers No No: I purchased off ebay. I got a great deal. I spent a LOT of money. I was SO worried the machine was going to arrive and not work or have something majorly wrong with it. So far, so good. I'm so happy and completely LOVE my new Pfaff Creative Vision. The best part is that I use a Mac, there is software called Embrilliance Essentials that apparently allows you to use your PC compatible embroidery machine with your Mac. AMAZING! But, even better, we have a very old HP laptop that I spent an evening deleting old programs and doing a disc defrag, and WOW, it is as good as new. So, that machine is going to be the embroidery computer and I'm not having to worry about the Mac compatibility issue for now...

{1st photo of my new machine, the pictures are horrible because of the amazing LED light bulbs!}

Anyway, I hope to show you some new projects that I've worked on...I have already made a few things with my new sewing machine. I am basically dying to get a chance to work on a quilt with this beauty. I have TEN inches to the right of the needle to work with--I know that might sound like the strangest thing to be excited about, but for fellow quilters you know this is HUGE!

{So much room to the right of the needle that I found myself storing needles AND scissors ON the machine!}
Since receiving my new machine, I travelled to New York City for a reunion with some college friends...more to come on that. Too hysterical NOT to share...
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