This coming weekend we will be celebrating my first baby's THIRD birthday. I still don't know HOW it is possible that it's been three years already. 

This year, he became a big brother. Like any parent, I was worried how he would adapt to having to share the spotlight. He's done amazingly well loving his baby brother. 

So, fast forward a few months, we've bought a new house, moved, and are having to settle into our new home. When we moved I promised myself I would NOT craft until everything was unpacked and settled. Ha. I cheated a little: 

I created a shower curtain for the boys' shared bathroom. 

I had the idea from a pin a while back: 

Source: via Danielle on Pinterest

I mean, because sometimes, being a brother IS even better than being a super hero: 

{first photo together, Cole 3 days}

{big brother + little brother}
To make this shower curtain, I used an old white shower curtain that I purchased a few years ago at Home Depot.

{Sorry for my lack of photos. I'm on limited time these days!}

I started by ironing a crease down the center of the curtain.

I used one of my long quilting rulers and drew lines with a disappearing marker (again, a sewing notion.)

I used freezer paper and printed out the quote onto 8 1/2" x 11" papers. I could have, and should have, used the Silhouette to cut this sucker out, but I figured there would be lots of little pieces (the centers of the o's, a's, & e's...) so instead I did it by hand. If I did it again, I'd use the machine.

Then, I carefully ironed the sections onto the shower curtain. If I remember correctly, I cut each word out so it wasn't too cumbersome.

Once I had it all ironed on, I layed the curtain down on my kitchen counter (with newspaper underneath) and used the new Martha Stewart paint (from Michaels) with a foam brush to paint it on.

I let it dry overnight. Hung the curtain. THEN, pulled off the freezer paper:

Here you can see the pen lines from the disappearing ink pens. I had a few spots where the paint bled, but nothing I couldn't choose to ignore.

I'm so happy with the way this shower curtain came out. Next, I'd like to put some cute pictures of the brothers into the bathroom...

What can I say, sometimes being a brother IS even better than being a super hero. I hope my boys grow up to share this sentiment!
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