Family is such a special thing.

My mother is one of 5 children. Her mother died of breast cancer in the 1950's when my Mom was a young child. My Mom & her younger brother were essentially raised by her siblings and her siblings spouses.

My desire for a "big" family is the result of seeing my Aunts & Uncles together with their families--hysterical does not even begin to explain it.

{Meet my Grandmother, she's the knobby kneed one on the right}

{I stole this picture from our Family Farmhouse this past summer. I'm drawn to  it...maybe it's the water splashing on her legs, or that her legs are exactly the legs of my mom, or that when I have long hair I can wrap it around my face-seriously! I just love it. There aren't many pictures of my grandparents, so I really cherish this one!}

If my calculations are correct {Mom?} my grandmother passed away 50 years ago. Today, her family welcomed the 48th member.

Another boy for the brood. What a special time! Yes, we keep track. We like  to know when people enter into the family--by birth or by marriage. Once you're in, there is no escaping. Not one member of my family has divorced. I'm proud about that statistic. I think my grandparents would be proud too!

I called my Mom today at lunch to make sure she'd heard the news. She told me she had been texting {hahaha} with my Uncle Jimmy. Her voice started to waiver, and instantly tears filled my eyes, I know they filled hers, too. She said, "I can't help but think how proud my Dad would have been..." and I know she's right.

Family: it is such a special thing.

Congratulations to my little cousin Chris, his beautiful wife Rose, and to their respective families.

And welcome baby Carson. All 10 pounds 7 ounces of you!! xo
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