We're having a glorious fall here in WV. I have a very love hate relationship with fall. I enjoy sweaters, warm cozy blankets, pumpkin flavor (the real thing) as much as the next lady, although I hate the cold. I hate snow, winter, icy roads. So I grieve the loss of summer and look forward to the warm weather again.
{This is the view from my back porch. I little slice of heaven if you ask me!}
I think part of my fall funk has been my disappearance from blogland. I probably have hundreds of other blog posts to read, but I just can't bring myself to sit in front of the computer for any length of time. I did recently figure out how to remove the THOUSANDS of duplicate photos from my hard drive crash last summer.  (If you have a mac and need to remove duplicates check out the Duplicate Annihilator app.)

 I have been doing some crafting. I have so much to share and show you, but I also have bathrooms that need cleaning, an entire house that needs dusting, and lots of floors that need vacuuming. I've pinned a few nifty printable charts and I'm hoping that might help me stay on top of my cleaning.

In my last post I shared that my family welcomed it's 48th member. I made this quilt for the new little guy. I hope he enjoys snuggling with it's flannel-goodness as he grows.

And yesterday, this little guy started pre-school. It feels like he was just born. Since my last post, this guy turned THREE. I'll have to share a few things I made to help celebrate. In the meantime, I'm happy he LOVES his binoculars that he made at school. Too cute!

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