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My son has been receiving early intervention speech therapy for most of the last year. Two different practitioners, and a case manager come into our home to work with the "wordless wonder." {Who now has quite a few words, I must say!} They are fantastic. The early intervention program where I live ends at 3 years, and in a few weeks my son will start going to the local school for speech. {He really IS growing up!}

I had to do something special for them...but I didn't want something TOO "teacher-ish. I ended up coming across this adorable idea:
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I decided to make my own version. I simply picked up 3 clay pots & some yellow paint at Walmart. I had chalkboard paint already.

I tried a few different things for the numbering-including using my Silhouette with black vinyl. Honestly, that just wasn't my favorite and actually peeled off some of the yellow paint {gah!} I ended up printing off a version of the numbers onto white computer paper, covering the paper with wax paper, then I used black puff paint (you know the kind from 1985!) to trace over the computer paper. I let the puff paint dry and peeled it off, and stuck it on the pot (I did use a pencil to trace the distance of the dashes...so each one is slightly different. I added a layer of Mod Podge over the top "ruler" portion to make sure none of the numbers/dashes would peel off.

I love the way it turned out.

I "primed" the chalkboard paint (simply by coloring over the entire chalk section of the pot with some chalk and then wiping it all off!) Then wrote the message "thanks for helping me grow."

I also made personalized cards: I used some fabric that I had on hand and printed off "Thank You" on a handwriting creator (I found it on google, I don't know which I used) and then I finished it off with some blue rickrack. Easy & simple....and cute, if I say so myself!

What are other ways YOU celebrate the teachers in your life?
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