Getting there...

You know. THERE. As in being finished unpacking. Being settled.

I remember back when I first got married and my husband and I moved to Colorado. It seemed like we were moved & settled in overnight. Granted, we had no kids, pretty much no furniture, and were eager to get settled and get our life together started....but this move is just taking FOREVER to get settled. It's a big house. We have a lot of stuff. We have two kids. I have no energy. {Sigh}

But, I'm getting there. I refuse to allow myself to unpack my sewing room until we're settled. And I'll admit, we're about 90% there. I need to finish my office space--and the basement--but so much progress has been made. I'll get there.

In the meantime, I'll show you the bookshelf I built {last YEAR, seriously, I made it last September!!} It's finally living in Callum's room and FINALLY repainted. I used the genius for the design. We {and when I say "we" I mean my fabulous husband} painted it last year, but the color I picked ended up being this strange orange-pink color--sort of salmon-and just was NOT working for me. So we finally repainted.

I'm  happy with it, I like that he can see the front of his books and easily pluck out the one he wants. Sadly, I think he needs more shelving. {Honey, don't hate me for saying that!}

And, I love red in a boys room. Don't you?
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