Pinterest Obsessed.

Yes, I know I've mentioned it before. I just can't get enough of Pinterest is a great website that allows you to "pin" items onto your own personal bulletin board (the iPhone app even lets you take pictures of things you like so you can pin things you see when you are out and about!) When you see things on the web, it even links back to the website where you found it! {No more bookmarking obscure places on the web!!} It makes life easier.

Except when you start pinning all of these ideas and images and never do anything with them. 

Last week I decided I was going to start using the items I've pinned to make dinner. What a delicious week of recipes. I'm going to share them with you...when I get around to it. Tonight I'm even making one recipe for the second time!
Yes, seriously: I made THAT! {Yum!}

I'm also trying to start use the craft ideas--although my sewing room remains sorted and disastrous--and my computer looks-well-embarrassingly horrible. But I did paint the bookshelves today. I think they will require one more coat of paint and then some quality drying time before we can start using them. In the meantime, I'll just look at this pile of books and sigh. Moving stinks!

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