It's the little things.

We were having this little issue with the new house: every time we turned on the lights in our bedroom or living room there was this horrible, faint hum. By no means a huge problem, but driving me a little crazy. These are the only two lights in our house on a dimmer. Hmm, coincidence? I think not!

During a recent shopping trip, I noticed they sell dimmable light bulbs that are halogen, and "dimmable."  I remember trying to dim a newer model bulb and causing a loud pop, only for it never to work again. Not a cheap mistake. Luckily in the weeks that we have lived in our new home we haven't burst any bulbs---Yesterday I installed new halogen bulbs in both fixtures and hallelujah, no hum! Problem solved, and I think I spent a little over $5 for 4 pack of bulbs at Sam's Club!

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