Floating Shelf Re-hang {I hope I don't bore you to death!}

{This post has literally been sitting open on my desktop for about 3 days now...it seems to take about 3 days to get ANYTHING done these days. My computer has been very neglected, but things are getting done around here...maybe it's just because this is the most boring and unexciting post EVER?! Sorry. I felt like it was a MAJOR accomplishment getting this guy re-hung!}

When we moved into our new house, the former owners were kind enough to leave a few floating shelves behind...unfortunately, one in our bathroom seemed a little off kilter and looked like it was ready to fall out of the wall. 

Now, my husband could have easily fixed this, but his time is limited. I figured I could take care of this myself. I know he'd rather do it himself, but why when it's something I can do?!

{Sorry for the picture quality, thankfully my iPhone was able to capture my handy work}

I started by removing the screws from the shelf and slipping the actual shelf off the metal bracket. Easy enough. Then I removed the screws to take the metal bracket out of the wall. 

Notice the anchors are sticking out slightly--that's why my shelf looked like it was going to topple over at any moment. 

Once I had the metal bracket off, I discovered these odd shaped anchors. I've never seen anchors like this before, have you?

I realized that the anchors actually seemed to be in perfect working order--the screws were HUGE--so I figured out that to install these little guys they would need to be pushed into the hole and then the back portion (the diamond shape closer to my fingers) needed to be pulled back towards the wall so the screw would push against it. 

 So I put a little dental floss inside the hole in the end. (I used what I had...and I even reused the same piece all four times!)

I made sure the dental floss was hanging out of the wall when I inserted the anchor. 

 Once I had the anchor jammed in well, I pulled on the dental floss (notice how it's longer in my hand!)

 Once I had all four anchors reinserted, I screwed in the metal support again. 
 Um, seriously, these screws are HUGE!

 Ta-da. It took MAYBE 10 minutes to rehang this shelf and now I'm not annoyed EVERY time I look at it! 

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