Still alive, with a dead computer

Unfortunately, my almost year old iMac suddenly stopped working. Gah! Nothing was backed up (boo) and it is going to be an expensive mistake. The hard drive is fried and could take up to 4 weeks to come home.

In other news, I'm still crafting. I need to figure out if there is any way to get my pictures off my camera and uploaded without a computer. It might be a while until I can share projects again. I will do my best...

I've made a cute wreath, a quilt, and other various goodies...

And on a personal note-I'm going to be moving at the end of this summer. Only about a 15 minute move, but to a beautiful house we anticipate on living in for years to come. Hopefully the process will go smoothly!

So I expect there will be a few more weeks of radio silence--consider it maternity leave or summer break--I hope to be back full force as soon as possible!
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