Making myself crazy

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I am convinced that I must fall on the OCD spectrum--I've only confirmed this by the creation of Cole's birth announcement. I of course have it in my mind this sucker must go out promptly (a totally self imposed pressure) but also I have to spend as little as possible AND not make myself completely nuts in the process.

I {of course} have to design the announcement myself. Using shutterfly or tiny prints would be cheating, right?! I started by creating three versions before the baby was born. After his arrival I had to take no less than 1000 pictures (just to make the final cut really interesting!) And then I had to start polling for opinions (of course no one liked the one that was my favorite!) I suppose when you make all of the options, it's hard to have a favorite....

So, now I'm in the final stages of dealing with this project. I'll be sure to share once I have these all in the mail. I probably should have just emailed everyone the announcement, although my love of receiving mail prevails...
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