Back from the dead

Well, I feel like death still. Surprisingly childbirth didn't slow me down's a cold that's really got me down! And to top it off, I managed to share my cold with both my husband and older son. Luckily, the newborn seems fine. This too shall pass, right?!

Since I've been feeling so crummy, I don't have much to I'll show you something I made for my new baby---a little snuggle sack-I've also heard it's called a newborn cocoon.

I wish it was just a little larger, so I could fit inside.

I knit this fairly quickly, and discovered it's basically a giant hat. (How easy, right?!) I'm thinking I'd like to make another one, I just don't know if I've got the time or energy to knit it before this guy is already too big!

Doesn't this just look so cozy?! If you'd like the pattern, let me know and I'll happily pass you along the details!
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  1. Hi Danielle Sweetie...
    Oh congratulations on your beautiful, gorgeous SON. How precious he looks all bundled in this soft little cocoon. He looks like a little pea in a pod. So precious, I can just smell the newborn baby smell sweetie. (our youngest grandson will be 1 in a couple of weeks, don't know where the time has gone.)

    Take care of yourself now. Rest when you can, I know it is isn't easy with an older one at home as well.

    Hugs to you sweet one and congratulations to the family again. Many hugs and much love, Sherry


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