What Momma Wants vs Needs

{Happy Mother's Day!}

It's been a glorious Mother's Day in my house...which started with my son peeing through his nighttime diaper (ugh) at 7am and then climbing into our bed naked to watch some tv. Like a good mother, I fell back asleep, those extra 45 minutes of sleep were amazing!

Those who know me well know I'm a foodie. When I lived in Colorado my friend introduced me to Vietnamese food and I'm basically an addict. Unfortunately the closest place to score some Vietnamese food is over an hour away in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Totally WORTH the trip, but not something I'd do regularly. My husband treated me to a trip to the Vietnamese restaurant---I'm still TOTALLY full. We also stopped by a mall to let my son run around before arriving at the restaurant (in hopes of avoiding disaster) and ended up stopping in Williams-Sonoma where I bought a wok. You know, since I really need one. Happy Mother's Day to me!

Last week I decided I wanted a new purse. I just couldn't decide what I wanted nor find something suitable in my local stores. I ended up sewing a little clutch last week, and then today in about an hour I made a checkbook case & wallet. Perfect accessories!

My stuffed clutch

I think I'm going to add some simple fabric flowers to jazz these guys up a bit...but that might just have to wait until tomorrow!
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