Being Ready. {Bear with me, I'm all over the place!}

If my purse can be any kind of indication, I am not ready to welcome a second child into this world.

Yes, it really does look like that!

Really, to be honest, if I did go into labor tonight, I know it would all be fine BUT, I still feel like I have a To Do list a mile long. I have not packed a hospital bag yet. I just made a list of important phone numbers for whoever ends up watching my son while I'm out of commission {check that off the list!}

I know that in my sofa there are clumps of dog hair that might actually cover a small dog.
I have to replace the batteries in the smoke detectors.
The dogs need to go to the vet & get their shots.
The curtain in the living room needs to be rehung, requiring the ladder...
The lightbulb in the kitchen above my fridge went out and badly needs to be replaced.
I need to pack my hospital bag.
And, to top it off: I have about 20 craft projects I'd still like to do before I turn into a human cow....priorities here, right?!

My second "push present" lens arrived in the mail today (happy mother's day to me!) and then I realized I'm over-lensed (is that a word?) and need to be able to safely store these beauties since I can only use them one at a time.

I saw a wonderful idea at Smashed Peas & Carrots to create my own lens bag. So, instead of vacuuming my sofa today, I took a trip to the fabric store/mall and did a little shopping (priorities, right?!) I've always been a sucker for seersucker, and have also been obsessively thinking about getting a new purse. Because none of the other 100 purses I have will do {ironic considering my purse is going to be a diaper bag pretty darn soon!} but momma wants what momma wants. No luck with the purse, but I did score the fabric I'd  need to do some quality sewing. Woohoo.

Just to further lament, my husband has been away for the past 3 days with work. Now, 3 days is nothing, I know, I lived through a 15 month deployment, but I just don't have the energy to function fully. It's no fun when he's gone.

But the up side of the day is that today my son gifted me with a FOUR, yes 4, hour nap. I had enough time to sew the camera bag, realize I didn't love it, take the first one partially apart, decide to scrap it entirely and start over. And finish the second one.
The 1st attempt, the zipper ends just looked funny. 
So, Noodle-Head (see below) had instructions on how to cover the zipper ends to give it a more finished feeling--just what I needed! 

2nd attempt

 And while trying to fix the way the zipper way laying, came across ANOTHER tutorial for a Gathered Clutch that I fell in love with at Noodle-Head.

I decided to sew in a tag for myself, in case I forget I made this for myself. 

This should be a better picture, sorry, but I made the interior with 3 slide in pockets for my credit cards, etc. 
I'm so excited about my new projects...but my purse "move" will have to wait until tomorrow....

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