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Many of you have heard of the term "push present," I'm sure, but for those of you who are wondering what I'm talking about: a push present is generally a gift to the Mom given after pushing out a new baby. The person who created this concept is genius! I did not "go" for the push present the first time around because to me, bringing home the new baby was present enough. But I'm no dummy. I know how much work it is. I know how exhausting parenting is {even for the world's easiest baby!} And, this time around, which may be my last time down this road I was NOT going to pass up the opportunity for a little something special.

I think traditionally, the "push present" comes in the form of jewelry, the sparklier the better, but I'm not your average girl....As I've previously mentioned, I'm thoroughly enjoying my weekly photography class. And I'm sad the class will be ending in the coming weeks (only 2 classes to go-boo!) but I really have enjoyed what I've been learning. I've been looking at the world through new eyes. And ultimately, I decided I needed a bigger better lens for my camera. Now, I realize my camera is not the most expensive camera on the block, and even with the kit lens that came with it, it takes amazing pictures, but Momma just wanted a fancy new lens. I obsessed about it for weeks. My hubby even agreed that it was a good idea when I first brought it up with him a few weeks back. {Can a get a "woohoo?!"} Finally today, the FedEx woman came to my door bearing the best gift I've received {well since the Silhouette back at Christmas time.} I could have kissed her.

Already, I've enjoyed playing a little with my new "push present" it makes me even MORE excited to bring home baby #2 in the coming weeks. I've been reading up on baby photography and hopefully my attempts will not be a complete bust!

SO, back to projects.

I scored some really fantastic baby bedding back when I first found out I was pregnant. Each piece in the set was only $3, brand new! So, I picked up a variety of colors {all neutral of course} and it's been taking up a TON of space in my closet since....ugh. I decided that I should use one of the bumpers I bought as a bumper in the "family" cradle. With a little tweaking I was able to take the crib size bumper pads down significantly to fit the cradle. {PS I realize it's a little controversial to use bumpers. I never did with my son. But the family cradle is probably covered in lead paint and I have no doubt a soda can could fit through the rails, so I figure if nothing else, the baby's head wont get stuck in the rails...and by the time the baby is capable of moving, there is NO way it will fit into the cradle.) So, after taking out some stitches and measuring carefully, this is what I came up with:

$3 bumpers=SCORE!

Yes, they seriously were $3 and BRAND NEW!

This is what I started with (eh)
And this is with the bumpers! 

And here is my absolute favorite: an Aden + Anais Dream Blanket. I really with they would make one that could cover me head to toe. I'd be all over one of these for my bed!
Speaking of Aden + Anais, I think I am their new biggest fan. I decided to splurge a little and order the new little one a "dream blanket", a 2 pack of lovie/"issie"/security blankets, AND a box of 4 swaddlers. And I honestly could not tell you what I love the most, they are all amazing, so soft and cozy, I can't wait to put a little baby with these beauties. I finally washed them, and one of the seams in the swaddle blanket (MAYBE 12") the seam was a little unravelled. Totally, fine, something I could fix, but I contacted them and they sent me an ENTIRE box of 4 more swaddle blankets. How amazing is that?!
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  1. Major score on the bumper, Danielle! It looks great. That dream blanket is awesome... I want one, too :)


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