Grace {more baby projects}

Any day now the second baby in my 2011 baby boom should be arriving...her name will be Grace. 

Her Mom was one of my freshman year roommates from college. Of course I had to make her something special (and personalized) so I've been waiting and waiting for her arrival. A lot of people have. In particular, my roommate. Her first child was born 2+ weeks early, so she expected this one to follow the same pattern. Yet again, a child has thrown a wrench in Mommy's plans. Still no baby. 

Knowing my friend was a little down in the dumps (well really, just sick of waiting to find out WHEN it will happen) I figured I'd send her a little pick me up. In the form of fabric {all made with love} 

Can you see her name in there? The pictures of this quilt do NOT do it justice (in my opinion!)
These fabrics are so delicate, and soft, I just love this quilt. 
The quilt has a rick rack edge. 

And of course I had to send her a personalized onesie.
I can't wait to see this ON her! 

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  1. I must heart STOPPED when I began to read this! I thought you were referring to YOUR little one on the way! I had to read it a couple of times to get it! I was just jumping to conclusions.....the suspense is killing me!!!

    Anyway, on the topic at hand....the items are precious as always! You do such an amazing job with everything! Grace will be one lucky girl!!!

    Anxiously awaiting news on Baby Bartran #2!!!!!!!! :)



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