It's the little things

I'm sitting here, looking through the disaster that is now my sewing area/play room and watching my son coax one of the dogs to go outside to sunbathe so he has "company." While he doesn't speak English, he definitely has a LOT to say. I'm cracking up at the conversation he's having with the dog....

Our neighbor is mowing the field in front of our house, in other words: endless entertainment for a 2 year old boy!

(Who knew that an ironing board would end up being such a popular photography prop?!)

The view from my chair. That is a heap of fabric/interfacing/fusible fleece that I've slowly been using for projects before taking it upstairs to the craft closet for storage.

 Yes, it is difficult to see him through the nose drags and finger prints on the glass...welcome to my world!

 Occassionally, as I sit at the computer, I hear the sliding glass door open and my son's little face peeks through saying "hi Mama" (one of the few things he clearly says.)

 It's moments like these, when I know it's the little things in life...not the nose drags and piles of fabric lining the floor that really matter....
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