The White House {Wedding Gifts}

Ironically, at the wedding I attended over the weekend, my friend married into the "White" family. She always loved dating guys with the most unique last names, she herself has a pretty unique name, and although I don't think she'll completely drop her maiden name, I love that her new husband's last name is White. Well, and that he's British...and therefore I created a series of gifts for "The White House." It's only fitting, right?!

I couldn't attend her Bridal Shower, but as a gift I sent her a handmade cookbook: The White House Cookbook. At my shower (5 years ago) one of my college roommates (I had a lot of them it appears) gave me a cookbook with all of her favorite recipes. I think it's the best idea! And after 5 years, I actually HAVE favorite recipes that I love to share.

I used a square scrapbook I purchased at Michaels. I like that it has page protectors, and a plastic cover perfect for the kitchen...

I try to include personal messages, a few good quotes about cooking, and a couple of pictures of the happy couple. If the formatting permits, I try to include why I love the recipe...hopefully she'll enjoy these recipes!

AND, I also made a very simple sign for the new White House.

Isn't that so simple & perfect for their new apartment?
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