The White Wedding

It's been a hectic (and mileage filled) few days. My family left Friday afternoon (in a snowstorm) for New York City to celebrate one of my college roommate Jean's wedding.

Mr. & Mrs. White soon after "I do." 
We had our dogs with us, but dropped them in Philadelphia while picking up a different college roommate (Leslie) for the trip. Leslie's little brother (who in my head is like 8 but is really now in COLLEGE!) was kind enough to watch our dogs.

We drove from Philadelphia to New York City for the festivities on Saturday.

The wedding itself was fantastic. It was personalized, and a true expression of love (and best of all my friend was able to pull off a wedding in New York City for $10,000!!!!) She's blogged about her experience here. I also shared with you how in a weekend we created her wedding invitations out of butcher paper (and other stuff) but they are truly one of a kind!

Our son was the ring bearer. He happily went down the aisle, with the guidance of an adorable (older) flower girl...the lollipop in her hand was the perfect enticement!

Here's just a picture of my little guy, because I have to say, one of the few things cuter than a little munchkin, is a little munchkin in a tux! (And I have no idea what was up with this can't ask for everything!)

The reception was held at 107 West. I have no pictures of the venue, but they did an amazing job. Jean's vision was what I would call ethereal yet global, she had candles everywhere and palm & banana leaves placed on the tables--it was truly a vision! 

Jean married a Brit, he's amazing, sweet as can be and just a genuinely nice and wonderful man. Something I did not know about the British {not to stereotype} is that they have amazing senses of humor, complete potty mouth, and the ability to drink. I loved the British contingency at the wedding. 

Jean & Greg selected a delicious variety of food for their reception. I have to say, my favorite was the fried chicken, but everything was amazing! 

Here I am sharing a piece of fried chicken with the bride. {love}
And of course, I would be remiss to say that one great highlight of any wedding is catching up with friends that you don't always talk with or see. I was thrilled to spend some time with these friends that I met over 10 years ago! They are wonderfully funny, and very successful women, I'm lucky to have them in my life, and so happy I had a chance to catch up with them over the weekend.

So our whirlwind tour came to an end Sunday.

My husband was sick, so I let him sleep in while I got to wander through the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I purchased 2 dozen NY bagels (they just aren't the same in WV!) and had a chance to link up with my cousin who lives in the Upper West Side. We wandered through a neighborhood flea market (I even was able to purchase a few of my favorite pickles from one of the vendors!) We were able to link up with another friend from college for lunch... My parents were kind enough to keep our son for the night so we could enjoy the reception, it was great to see them too!

And then Sunday afternoon we drove all the way home...8 hours in the car! No fun!
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  1. What a great write up!! I absolutely ADORE the fried chicken pic! What a friendship. And your son was soooo adorable! The lolipop killed me! xoxoxo


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