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Yesterday I read a post from Katie at Notes from a Very Red Kitchen about her daughter enjoying a little tv...and I have to admit, I too did not love the idea of my son watching tv. I had students {in my previous life as a kindergarten teacher} who clearly watched too much tv, so I was scared of having an addict on my hands.

But truth be told, I'm a little of a tv addict. For much of the last 3 years, I hate to admit that the tv became somewhat of a best friend, a companion, the background noise to my life. I watched a LOT of tv. I would run errands around the tv schedule. {sick!} I would DVR everything in case I missed a show....

We lived in Northern Virginia and I just didn't make friends. I don't know if I was just nesting or depressed or if people there aren't friendly, and when I did try I just didn't follow through like a good friend would or should, maybe I grieved the friendships I left behind in Colorado Springs, or Philadelphia, or NY. But, I watched too much TV. I probably still watch too much TV. But I've cut back significantly. Some days I don't turn on the tv until late in the afternoon so I can have my news date with Brian Williams.

But, ever since my son had his first ear infection about 2 weeks ago he watches TV. We discovered the TV show Roary the Racing Car, and he LOVES it. He screams at the top of his lungs, points, jumps up and down. It's cute. It's a little disturbing. But it's so nice to see that he's really INTO something. And the "wordless wonder" started saying "ROARY" which was shocking.

This is a video I took of him when I turned on Roary yesterday. I had actually rewound the episode to try to catch his reaction, so this is subdued....the repeat reaction...but you get the idea.
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