New Mom Must Haves

As my waist expands I've been thinking more about must have items for this stage of life....and a little less about sitting hunched over (as I always do) a sewing machine completing a craft. With fewer than 10 weeks to go, I'm curious about Mommy Must Haves.

During pregnancy what are the things you would consider must haves?

Here are my top three:

Stretch Mark Cream/Oil/Lotion: I enjoy the 9 months of pregnancy I just would prefer to put it behind me after the big push...For me, I think Mother's Special Blend Skin Toning Oil is fantastic. I know there are lots of anti-stretch mark creams and lotions and oils, but this is what I've used both times around, and I like it. My belly does's also all natural. I like the idea of not putting tons of chemicals on my skin, especially with a baby inside!

Informative Books: I was a voracious reader during my first pregnancy. I wish I could say I was this time around too, but I'm just not reading as much. I will say though, my favorite reference book of all of the pregnancy books I tore through was Great Expectations by Sandy & Marcie Jones. For about $10 it has TONS of fantastic information, not scary information, but good solid things you should know during pregnancy without making you scared or freaked out.

Maternity Pants: The third must have, even for those of you like me-slow growers-I think maternity jeans are amazing. I remember when I was pregnant with my son I fought it, and finally broke down and bought a pair of maternity jeans. I remember thinking WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR?! This time around, I was a HUGE fan of the Old Navy jeans that have a denim/elastic waist, not that telltale blue panel that always slid that I finally am a little bigger, I'm in love with the full panel maternity jeans. Yes, they sometimes slide down a little, but they are a million times more comfortable (in my opinion.) I've only been wearing them for maybe 2 weeks, but the pair I purchased from JCPenney's were only $25 and I love not feeling like I'm going to have a baby squeeze out of my mouth (obviously my other jeans were too tight!)

What are the pregnancy items that you think all pregnant ladies need?
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