Adorable Elephant {stuffed baby toy}

So I've been seeing these cute little baby toys popping up and I couldn't resist I had to make one myself...I must really be sick of that TShirt Quilt because I just can't seem to bring myself to finish it! 

This little guy is CUTE, but I definitely can see a few things I'd change. I took a BUNCH of pictures thinking I'd make a tutorial, but that might not happen today...

I'm pleased that I was able to create this guy during a nap AND have time to clean up! 

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  1. What a cute little elephant. I love his skinny legs:) Love the button eye, too.

  2. Thanks Gwen, I was thinking this poor elephant has these pitiful little twig legs. Maybe if I'm inspired I'll make an updated version with larger legs & smaller ears. This poor elephant is going to have a complex the way I've picked it apart.


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