Saturday Check In from an Environmentalist High-Horse

I've still been crafting, but nothing ready to share yet. I started decorating a wreath for my front door, but lost steam. I have a quilt ALMOST finished (yay!) but spent my entire naptime-crafttime fighting with my printer. I hate to think about the valuable nap hours I've wasted fighting with this darn machine!

I honestly WISH I had a million followers & readers so I could tell all of you how much I'm hating HP right now. I have a 13 month old printer (1 month out of warranty) that had come highly recommended from Consumer Reports and now I'm SOL-all because black stopped working. Once black disappears, none of the other colors work well. They all look pathetically pastel (at best!)

I found out HP does not repair printers because the cost of repairs often exceeds the cost of the printer (boo!) They were willing to offer me a "prior customer discount" on an upgraded version, but even so that would cost me $139.98. I had found a decent/similar replacement that I could use the ink cartridges I had JUST purchased in the attempt to repair my old printer that only cost $79.98. This cheap-o is fine with that.

My environmentalist side is sick to think of this year old printer sitting in a landfill for eternity. The HP representative I spoke with said if I purchased the $139.98 replacement option through them, they would allow me to send my old printer BACK for recycling. But without going that route, I'd just have to wait until my community offered some type of electronic recycling. Boo!

OH, and to top it off, my replacement printer that I purchased this morning: didn't work. I'm on my SECOND replacement. This afternoon I had to return the morning printer, and cross my fingers the box I picked wouldn't have a printhead error. GAH! Doesn't that stink?! I wonder what will happen to that poor, brand new printer that doesn't work.

In other potty training news, we had a successful morning outing IN underwear with no accidents. I was scared to do it. We stopped in every bathroom of every store we visited, but in the 3 hours we were out, no issues! Phew! Hopefully we'll continue on this path for the days to come....{and in full disclosure, yesterday after I was bragging about how my son has had NO accidents: he had an accident. It was completely MY fault for waking him up from a nap, putting underwear on him, and then cooking & eating dinner without reminding him about the potty. Oops-My bad!}

Ugh, well another nap gone. And I hear whines from a little one's room. Booo!
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