Blog Tweaks & Other Crafty Randomness

So as some of you might have noticed, I made some changes to my blog (if you are viewing this through a reader or email go here to see what I'm talking about.)

That was my creativity for yesterday.

Today I was able to finish one baby quilt & start another. I did notice at one point I had either a butt or two feet jammed into my ribs-a great reminder to sit up straight.

In other crafting news:

I have a long list of things I really want to make (other than baby quilts).

Right now the objects of my {creative} obsession are:

These amazing Jersey Knit Bracelets from V & Co.

And "the Chick-sicle" a rice filled cooling pad, from Just Another Hang Up. Simply genius! 

I just hope I can break out of my creative-quilting rut and attempt something new! 
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