Accidental Potty Training

I think I might have accidentally potty trained my son.

I'd share a photo of him on the potty, which I do have, but maybe that's TMI for some people...

I'm very reluctant to undertake this "process" without having an avid talker. I figured I didn't want to set him up to fail....I guess he's surprised me?! I've learned he realizes "beebee" and "bewbew" are the same as "peepee" and "poopoo" in my language.

For a while now he'd sit on his potty in the morning before getting ready for the day and at night before putting on pajamas. I'm sure he loved the raves he got from showing us his pee...

Last weekend he just pulled his big boy underwear from his drawer. The last time I tried to put underwear on him (because I was out of clean cloth diapers) he threw an absolute FIT! At first he went a few hours, he'd sort of run towards the potty when the urge struck. I'd give a reminder here and there, sometimes he'd ignore me, sometimes he'd take the bait only to ask for candy. {Yes, I believe in bribery!} But shockingly the only "accident" he had was when I was running to the grocery store and he was not wanting to come BACK out of his car seat to pee. By the time we made it to the store, 10 minutes later, he'd peed. My bad.

I will confess, I still put a diaper on him during nap (because every day it's wet after nap) and over night he DEFINITELY wears one (again, most days it's very wet.) And call me crazy, I think whenever I take him out in public, until the underwear seems VERY dry without fail, he'll go back in a diaper...

I suppose I'm looking at this as a trial and error process. Maybe it's just a fluke that he didn't have ONE accident in 2 days {is it wrong that I'm so shocked by that?} but then again, maybe he's just ready. Maybe he's just sick of the cloth diapers. And in that case, I'll just say Thank God!

I also realize we haven't dealt with #2 since the underwear wearing started. So only time will tell. In the meantime I'll keep my fingers {and my toes} crossed.
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